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Solos Behavioral Health PLLC provides services for  individual adults and teens. along with couples.  who are ready to get in to therapy and work.  Therapy works for those who do the work both in the office then out in the world.  ETT will help make the process a little easier and even faster in many cases.  


Imagine your relationship as a vibrant and bustling house, filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of life. But hey, sometimes a light decides to dim, and the spark

Bipolar Disorder

Consider your mind as a roller coaster. Bipolar disorder turns this ride into an unpredictable whirlwind, with exhilarating highs that soar to the sky and daunting lows that plunge to the depths.

Cancer  Counseling

Picture life as an eloquently written novel, rich with adventures, joy, and challenges. Suddenly, you stumble upon a challenging word: cancer.

Couples /Relationship Counseling

If only fairy tale endings did come true, then we would never have to struggle with heartache or pain that some ...

Physical Pain

The directive is to work with the stress component of injury, illness, and physical pain. When pain occurs there is an emotional response...


When your days are bleak and gray it is hard to see past the inner suffering you are experiencing.  Let alone imagining that there is a  new day..


This approach can provide unusually rapid relief of the symptoms from traumatic experiences. 

Grief and loss 

Grief from the loss of a loved one, a pet, a job, or anything can be devastating. Some people never get over a loss without help.


It happened. It is whatever it is that strikes you down in fear, someone you trusted harms you, abandonment, car wreck or when the doctor

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