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Cancer Counseling 

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

– John Diamon

Providing counseling support for patients diagnosed with cancer is very important. In addition to strong support, Significant scientific research indicates that there is a correlation between psychosocial factors and the development of cancer, the treatment of cancer can be hindered because of psychosocial behaviors, and the resolution of cancer. Sadly, many are not aware of this and few have physicians that share this research with their patients. There is a unique psychological profile of some cancer patients that require a specific counseling focus. This is done in conjunction with the medical treatment of your choice.  Here are some of the areas that will be addressed in counseling:

* Relief of the stress of cancer diagnosis

* Facilitate disclosure of buried related stress

* Assist in resolving fears of death and loss of those who might be left behind

* Neutralize some of the emotional and physical side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation

* Increase awareness and improvement of mind-body relationships

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