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Cancer Counseling 


“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

– John Diamon

Picture life as an eloquently written novel, rich with adventures, joy, and challenges. Suddenly, you stumble upon a challenging word: cancer. It's a word that can feel like a full stop, a blockage in your narrative, causing fear, confusion, and uncertainty. Yet, remember that cancer is just a word, not a sentence. It's a hurdle, not the end of your story.

Now, imagine an editor, someone who helps you understand that challenging word, work through it, and keep the story flowing. This is what it feels like when you begin to manage the stress component of cancer. The fears, the worries, the physical and emotional side-effects of treatment start to become manageable parts of your narrative, rather than insurmountable obstacles.

Welcome to Solas Behavioral Health, PLLC, your co-editor in your life's story. Our aim is to help you navigate through the challenging chapters, guiding you towards a narrative of hope and resilience. We focus on the unique needs of those with a cancer diagnosis, addressing specific stressors and fears. Working alongside your chosen medical treatments, we help to alleviate the stress of a diagnosis, uncover buried anxieties, and help manage fears of death and loss.

At Solas, we also work with you to mitigate some of the emotional and physical side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation. We champion the power of the mind-body relationship, increasing your awareness of this connection, and empowering you to use it as an aid in your fight against cancer.

Cancer may be a challenging word in your life's narrative, but with Solas Behavioral Health, PLLC as your co-editor, we can ensure it's not the end of your sentence. Let's continue writing your story, together.

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