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For Texasen's Statewide


207 S Tyler St

Dallas, TX 75208

817-268-7050 X11

       *As email is not considered HIPAA approved (see alert below)

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to use the form below.  Or you can contact Solas Behavioral Health, PLLC directly at 817-268-7050.x11 Leave enough information that there is an understanding of what you are seeking, but not so much that you are sharing all your history. Email * 

If you do not receive a reply back within 24 hours, there is likely been a server issue.  Please call Solas Behavioral Health, PLLC at 817-268-7050 x11

Alert* This form is sent by email. While you always have the choice to send this completed form by email, please be aware that email is not a confidential means of communication. There is a chance that this file could be exposed to unknown third parties on the Internet. They may also be exposed to people closer to your life, such as people in your home or, if you are sending the email from work, your employer(s.) Please take these facts into consideration before completing this form being careful not to share what you do not want seen by others or emailing this form, and be aware that you always have the option to reach out to communicate by calling Solas Behavioral Health, PLLC 817-268-7050 x11.. 


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