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About the Therapist

Susan M. Cizmas, MA, LPC



A dreamer, a counselor and the founder of Solas Behavioral Health, PLLC. Susan is a wannabe pro gamer, who is a reformed pleaser and a Texan transplant. Her counseling skill started at a young age while attending and working at camps and flourished while attending Wayne State University.

After Wayne State, Susan took a few twists working for some nonprofit social services, as a teacher at a private school and owning her own business (one that was full of color and joy). These experiences introduced her to new ideas, reaching for her dreams and ultimately the opportunity to attend Amberton University. 

It was there at Amberton where she found the proverbial light. Learning about therapies that were innovative and effective, like Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT). Volunteering as the Board of Directors Chairperson with Emotional Transformation Therapy International Association (ETTIA) is something she does to give back.

Susan provides a warm, gentle, direct approach, with encouragement toward healthy living and self-worth. Susan does nudge an individual to look at serious issues in their life as well as the stressing personal responsibility. Being solution oriented, she takes a cognitive approach to dealing with daily life issues, while exploring the past for how it affects the now in a person's life.


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