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"Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way" 

Marcia Wallace 

When your days are bleak and gray it is hard to see past the inner suffering you are experiencing.  Let alone imagining that there is a  new day with all sorts of opportunity waiting to be experienced. There is good news, depression is treatable   It has been shown that as simple as increasing your exercise, gaining more sound sleep, eating healthier can all alter your state of mind.  Though you might say that I have no motivation to make any of those happen, there is good news, counseling has also been shown to be successful at relieving depression as well as aid in motivation.  

There is scientific research evidence that shows that depression can be resolved without the use of pharmaceuticals. However, talk therapy, by itself, is slow to alleviate depressive symptoms.  Emotional Transformation Therapy method typically alleviates depressive symptoms faster than most pharmaceuticals. By identifying and resolving the core emotional memory that is usually largely responsible for depressive symptoms and bipolar disorder, the chance for long-term resolution of bipolar disorder and depression symptoms is good.


Some issues that might be presenting for you: 

  • prolonged sadness and or crying spells

  • negative self-talk or apathy

  • change in eating (gain or lose weight)

  • change in sleep patterns (either too little or too much)

  • Agitated, anxious, angry outburst, grumpy

  • a decrease in energy

  • trouble thinking

  • suicidal thoughts or fantasies or attempts

  • withdrawing from others, isolating

If so make an appointment to meet 

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