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Bipolar Disorder 


"Bipolar disorder it's a challenge, but it can set you up to be able to do almost anything else in your life"

- Carrie Fisher

Do you feel like you live your life on a roller coaster?  The rush of the climb upward can be exciting, filled with hopeful energy, or can feel like a constant buzz that never goes off, with racing thoughts.  Maybe you feel like you can take on the world alone and not just win but conquer it.  Sometimes it is pleasant, while other times it is just irritating.  But when that ride peeks the slope down takes you to a low that plummets past the point of will to live.  Life feels so burdensome, with struggling to just complete simple tasks like getting out of bed to brush your teeth.  You might be thinking that is you to a Tee, or just that you have the ups and downs only not so extreme.  If so, there is a chance you could be suffering from Bipolar Disorder.  


By the use of a careful interview and screening questionnaires, the exact type of depression or bipolar disorder can be identified that allows treatment to be custom-tailored. There is scientific research evidence that shows that depression and bipolar disorder can be resolved without the use of pharmaceuticals. However, talk therapy, by itself, is slow to alleviate bipolar and depressive symptoms. Emotional Transformation Therapy has helped many alleviates depressive symptoms faster than most pharmaceuticals alone. By identifying and resolving the core emotional memory that is usually largely responsible for depressive symptoms and bipolar disorder, the chance for long-term resolution of bipolar disorder and depression symptoms is good.  Whether you are on meds or not, therapy works.  Don't spend another day suffering, call (214) 810-1807 to arrange an initial appointment to see if this might be right for you.

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