Acupuncture is a 2,500-year-old healing technique which uses hair fine needles placed in “points” of the body which facilitates the movement of energy or Qi.  When energy stagnates in the body, symptoms will appear in the form of colors, temperature; changes, pain, wandering pain, pathological diseases and emotional instability/imbalances.


The Qi (energy) of the body flows through “meridians” or channels.  They usually start at the fingertips and runs to their associated organs.  For example, the Lung channel runs from the outside of the thumb nail through the elbow, over the shoulder and into the lung.  Certain points on this channel will activate certain functions of the lungs and clear any stagnate energy.  Some points can stimulate total body functions which correlate to one or more organs.  For example, St36 which is located below the knee, can treat stomach issues but can also treat any blood related issues because the Stomach is in charge of the first stage of blood production… breaking down the nutrients needed for blood.  


The main points on the body used by our Acupuncturist are below the elbow and knees.  It would be advisable to wear clothing which makes these points easily assessable.  The needles are hair fine and causes little to no pain or bruising.  The sensation you mainly feel is the “tightening” in the area where the needle “grasps” the flow of Qi to anchor it.  During the treatment you may feel the energy move and sometimes certain areas of the body may feel a little pain which is caused by the Qi removing obstructions in the area.  If this occurs, just breathe through it to help the obstruction clear, by relaxing your body and not fighting the release.  Sometimes you may cry or release other emotions during the treatment, or later in the day.  Do not be alarmed or frightened.  It's just stagnate emotions your body has been holding onto which has affected your health and mind.  Once the release happens, let it go. This is why a pre-acupuncture treatment would be ideal before a therapy session.  To be clear, acupuncture is an adjunctive treatment for therapy.  Acupuncture cannot clear deep rooted emotional turmoil caused by trauma, but it can help relax your mind and body to better tackle those emotional disturbances.